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Derivan News and Events



self leveling

Yin Min Blue Pigment.

Intense blue pigment with remarkable UV caracteristics.

A new pigment has been made available in the raw materials market, currently referred to as Yin Min Blue.
As part of Derivan’s philosophy, primarily as traditional “colourmen” in the historical practice of artists paint manufacturing, we are currently developing...

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self leveling

Sustainability Award Winner - 2016

Winner Environmental Business Award, City of Canada Bay

The Canada Bay Sustainability Awards are presented to businesses, community groups and individuals who have achieved economic, social or environmental progress in the City.

In the past two years Derivan, makers of artist materials, have worked with the Council across the highly successful Resourcewise and Bin Trim programs. Through these programs they have achieved some fantastic results including:

- Modifying their product packaging so that they now use 3.1 tonnes less packaging per year
- Introducing an option for retailers to return packaging to them for reuse, which has resulted in an 80 per cent return rate and has increased their recycling by 16 tonnes per year.
- In July 2015 Derivan installed a 30 kilowatt electrical system including 120 solar panels. They now use only 50 per cent electricity from the grid and have halved their electricity costs.

Derivan also run regular free workshops, sponsor children’s art programs and support the Rhodes Place Committee.

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self leveling

Matisse MM37 Self Leveling Medium.

Added May 2015

High gloss pouring medium.

MM37 Matisse Self Leveling Medium is a clear product that when applied to a surface or as a paint additive will automatically spread and create a smooth, glossy finish with minimal surface texture. It is ideal for high gloss thick varnishing, pouring and...

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Derivan Concertina Style Sketchbooks.

Added May 2015

All media watercolour paper. Limited edition size.

These concertina style sketchbooks allow you to create a dynamic storybook piece with your illustrations, text and collage. Span and connect your ideas in one continuous format rather than separate sections or record a landscape, cityscape or seascape in one panoramic view...

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canvasjack group

Derivan CanvasJack.

Added February 2015

Primed Stretched Canvases & Tensioning System.

The Canvas Jack System included in these artist quality pre-stretched canvases is designed to easily, quickly and evenly adjust and control tension on the canvas surface. Available in acrylic primed Cotton and Linen quality in a variety of frame sizes and featuring...

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Available Now, Derivan Watercolours range.

Added April 2014

Patience and pigment have their own rewards....watercolours

Manufactured using traditional methods and raw materials and carefully stone milled to enhance and retain the luminous nature of each pigment selected, Derivan Watercolours are available in 24 brilliant colours, covering the full colour spectrum, including uniquely Australian colours. Each colour in the range has been tested for granulation, transparency, staining and permanence.

As a professional grade artist material, Derivan Watercolours posses excellent light resistance, unique colour strength, solubility and paint flow.

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New Colours in the Block.

Added April 2014

Introducing three new colours and a make over...New Block Ink Colours

While the Derivan Block Ink range is already available in 10 brilliant colours, we’ve added three new hues including the addition of a cool red –Crimson, a cool yellow –Lemon Yellow and then, there’s our new Turquoise. Use it to add alternative blue colours to your prints or mix with either our cool or warm blue to create interesting colour gradients.

We have also slightly revisited another colour in its range by fine-tuning its pigment formula and re-naming it to better reflect this adjustment....

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Just released, MM32 Light Modelling Paste.

Added August 2013

Perfect for heavy textural effects on canvas and paper!Gessoes 250ml

Acrylic paints are generally known for their thicker consistency. However, they may not be thick enough to create the kinds of tactile textures sought by an artist.

Derivan has created a unique variation on traditional modeling paste called MM32 Light Modeling Paste. As the name suggests, this product is a lighter version of traditional modelling compounds. It dries to an off-white opaque finish with a grainy, absorbent surface. This product is particularly good for creating high peaks of varying sizes, as it is so lightweight that the points do not spread under the weight of the product. It is compatible with all Derivan acrylic paints and products and comes in 250ml screw-top jars.





Now available, Derivan and Matisse gesso in 250ml jars.

Added May 2013

Good things come in 250ml containers!Gessoes 250ml

Derivan and Matisse Gesso have always been one of our most popular products, and now we’re proud to announce that our gesso in both our students and professional ranges are now available in 250ml screw cap containers. This size is ideal for artists who paint on a smaller scale and only need a limited quantity of gesso.

While both our gessos share the same size container, the products themselves are quite different. Derivan Gesso is is a good, basic gesso perfect for the beginner or someone on a budget. Matisse MM10 Gesso is more highly refined and is perfect for experienced artists who require a more pigment dense product.





Fabric Markers

NEW Derivan FabricArt markers range.

Added May 2013

Safe, Acid Free, Odour Free.

The new Derivan FabricArt range of twin tipped fabric markers are an easy and safe way to decorate fabric. With a range of standard and fluorescent colours that will enhance any creative project.
These versatile twin tipped markers are perfect for decorating and adding a touch of colour and personality to most fabric surfaces. You can now customise t-shirts, jeans, shoes, cushion covers, carry bags and more with illustrations, type, drawings, thoughts or writings, quick and easy … [read more]






Just Released, Matisse Structure Acrylic Formula in a larger size.

Added April 2013

Pure Brilliance, Pure Quality... now in 150ml metal tube.Matisse Structure 150ml

The complete range of Matisse Structure Formula artists colours is now available in 150ml metal tubes, alll fitted with the unique Matisse flip-top cap and individually packed in cardboard boxes.
The 95 intense, vibrant colours of the Matisse range cover the full colour spectrum, including several uniquely Australian colours. All have the highest lightfastness rating of ASTM 1 or 2 and are archival quality. Matisse Artists Acrylics are fully Australian Made and Owned.
Matisse Structure Formula paint is ideal for application with a brush or palette knife for striking textured effects, or combined with the range of Matisse Mediums for exceptional flexibility of application and finish.

Same rich impasto, high pigment loading formula artist acrylic..., but more of it in one convenient size.






Some Points of Interest: Being Green

After literally hundreds of visits to potential factories we have found this brilliant new home in Rhodes, at approx twice the size of our existing factory – now we have some more much needed room. Aside from space there are many other benefits in our move, firstly there is the opportunity to be a little greener in the way we do things- some of the new things we will be doing are:

We welcome all customers to come and view our new premises, and remember each year in October we have our OPEN DAY:

Don’t forget!

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