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Derivan Fluorescent Paint Range.fluorescent range picture


What are fluorescent paints?

The fluorescent pigment in acrylic products is completely man-made. Basically, manufactured fluorescent dye is added to largest amounts of resin that is then left to dry before being ground to a fine powder to form fluorescent pigment. This pigment is then added to a standard paint base.

Although fluorescent paints can look somewhat subdued in ordinary daylight, their glowing qualities are brought to life with the use of a black light, also referred to as a UV (ultraviolet) light. These black lights actually emit large amounts of ultraviolet light that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and as they are perceived as ‘black’.

The paint absorbs the ultraviolet light from the bulb and then and re-emits it in visible wavelengths that we see as fluorescent colours.



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Derivan Fluorescent Products with Derivan Dave



What Derivan products include a fluorescent range?


Derivan Students.


logo derivan students   fluro white fluro yellow fluro orange fluro red
  *Fluro White *Fluro Yellow *Fluro Orange *Fluro Red
  fluro magenta fluro blue fluro green  
  *Fluro Magenta *Fluro Blue *Fluro Green  


Derivan Face & Body Paint.


logo face and body   fluro yellow fluro orange fluro pink fluro red
  *Fluro Yellow *Fluro Orange *Fluro Pink *Fluro Red
  fluro blue fluro green    
  *Fluro Blue *Fluro Green    



Derivan Screen Ink.


logo screen ink   fluro yellow fluro orange fluro red fluro magenta
  *Fluro Yellow *Fluro Orange *Fluro Red *Fluro Magenta
  fluro blue fluro green    
  *Fluro Blue *Fluro Green    



Bright Sun Neon Face Paint Sticks.


logo bright sun fluro yellow fluro orange fluro pink fluro blue
*Fluro Yellow *Fluro Orange *Fluro Pink *Fluro Blue
fluro green fluro magenta    
*Fluro Green *Fluro Magenta    


* Colours marked with this asterix are those with intense or fluorescent hues that cannot be represented accurately on computer monitors.

LUMEV by Derivan

Washable UV reactive face and body party paint and gels. For more information and details, please contact us by emailing to with Lumev in subject heading.


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What is the difference between the fluorescent paints in these ranges?

Each range has been manufactured with a specific purpose in mind. The 3D KindyGlitz is thick and also contains glitter for craft and decorative use. The two body products, Derivan Face & Body Paints and Derivan Push-Up Face Paint Sticks, have a higher level of pigment than the Derivan student acrylic paints so more of the actual colour appears on the skin in normal daylight. By contrast, the Derivan Student Acrylic Paints are significantly thinner and more transparent, and would not register on the skin as distinctly, but glow brightly when placed under a black light.

For specific information on the use and nature of each of these products, please refer to the information for each product.

What is the transparency of Derivan fluorescent paint? And is the drying time any different?

Derivan fluorescent paints are semi-transparent - meaning that their coverage is light and the background will most likely visible through them. The drying time is the same as regular acrylic paints, that being 1-3 hours depending upon weather conditions.

Does the fluorescent quality last?

Although the fluorescence of these paints is one of their drawcards, users must remember that this quality is temporary, and the effect will last for no longer than a several months at best. This is simply due to the unstable nature of fluorescent pigments. As ultraviolet light’s energy is absorbed by the fluorescent pigment, it slowly breaks degrades the pigments and they begin to lose their fluorescent qualities. It is possible to increase the amount of fluorescent pigment in paint so it will last longer. However, to do so would make the cost prohibitive as florescent pigments are somewhat expensive.
While the fluorescent quality may degrade, the residual colour of the paint will remain visible, although this may also become lighter over time.

While the change in the nature of this paints is gradual, please note that exposing the painted surface to direct sunlight over a prolonged period will greatly accelerate the loss of fluorescence.

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Can fluorescent paints be used with regular acrylic paints?

Yes, but be aware that mixing florescent paints with regular acrylic paints will not result in a new florescent colour, as the nature of the florescent pigment has been diluted. This is also dependant upon the ratio of paint used and the colours used, and as such experimentation is recommended.

What is the best way to apply fluorescent paint?

Fluorescent paints can be applied in the same way as any acrylic paint, using brushes, rollers, etc. However, they are best applied to a white surface to best reflect their glowing quality. While they can be applied to a darker surfaces, this will mute the overall colour and fluorescent effect.

Although fluorescent paints are semi-transparent, one way to offset this feature is to apply a fluorescent colour over a regular acrylic paint of a similar colour. For example, apply Derivan Student Magenta acrylic paint and allow to dry before applying a layer of Derivan Student Fluro Magenta acrylic paint. This will ensure that a strong layer of magenta colour is visible in normal daylight, while the fluorescent magenta quality will be visible with the use of a black light.

It is also worth noting that the lighter fluorescent colours such as Derivan Student Fluro Yellow or Fluro Green tend to be the most vibrant shades in these ranges and glow brightly under black light.

How do you clean up fluorescent paint?

Cleaning brushes, hands, etc after using paint is the same as regular acrylic paint – with soap and water. As acrylic paints can dry quickly, be sure to wash brushes promptly after use to avoid paint clogging the bristles.

Will fluorescent paints glow in the dark without the use of a black light?

Unfortunately no. Fluorescent paint is not to be confused with phosphorescent or ‘glow in the dark’ paint, the latter being clear in daylight, emitting a pale green glow at night without the use of a specific black light. This is similar to the way fluorescent paints emit their glow, except the visible light glows for a longer period.

At present, Derivan does not manufacture glow in the dark paints in any of our ranges.

student paint 1 litre


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