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Derivan FabricArt rangeFabricArt products


FabricArt Paint Page | FabricArt Marker Page | FabricArt Dimensional Page


Transform it with Derivan FabricArt!!...

Derivan FabricArt is the newest way to make your mark.

These three products have been designed for you to customise and create unique designs on most fabrics. All you need is Derivan FabricArt and some creative spirit to transform fabric items such as t-shirts, canvas shoes and pillowcases into unique and wearable statements.

FabricArt colour range


FabricArt Paint

The first product in the range is the Derivan FabricArt Paint.

This safe, non-toxic water based paint is the first step in creating larger areas of colour on any fabric. All you do is apply with a brush, allow to dry for 48 hours, then heat set with an iron to ensure that it will remain colourfast when washed. All colours can be mixed to create a spectrum of shades only limited by your imagination. The range also includes 3 fluorescent colours that become luminous under UV light and look great on both light and dark fabrics.

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FabricArt Marker


If you are more of a drawer than a painter then you can use the Derivan FabricArt Markers range to create hand-drawn designs.

These unique double-ended markers have a chisel and bullet end for maximum versatility. Use the chisel tip to create larger flat lines and the smaller bullet tip for smaller consistent lines. The clear caps enable you see the colour no matter what end you look at.
Derivan FabricArt Marker’s colours are transparent and matt when dry, they resist fading on most fabrics and are wash resist during normal wash cycles. Heat fixing required. They are Acid free and odour free.

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FabricArt Dimensional

If you want to create fine lines, or outline your design? We have the solution with our FabricArt Dimensional Paint.

This squeeze container has a small funnel tip that is used like a marker to create a raised outline that can either be used to mimic the raised lead in a stained-glass window, or it can be used on its own to create graphic, strong lines that make unique design statements all on their own.
You could use the FabricArt Paint to create a flower shape, then outline the petals and add a stem and leaves with the Dimensional Paint. This product also has to be heat set and maintains its flexibility, ensuring that it won’t chip or flake off.

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