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CanvasJack Linen & Cotton Styles

Derivan CanvasJack

Primed Stretched Canvases & Tensioning System.



In basic terms, the value of tension for a canvas stretcher is crucial to its future life. Uneven tension may eventually lead to creases and, possibly even, separation of the paint layers from its substrate.
Key-expandable stretchers date back as early as the second half of the 19th century. They automatically corrected the process of progressive canvas re-stretching by expanding the corners of the stretcher, although they were let down by their mechanics, which were not up to the task.

Derivan CanvasJack on the other hand is a long term stretching solution .

info How a Stretcher Works


Introducing Derivan CanvasJack System of Pre-Stretched Canvases

The Canvas Jack System included in these artist quality pre-stretched canvases is designed to easily, quickly and evenly adjust and control tension on the canvas surface. Available in acrylic primed Cotton and Linen quality in a variety of frame sizes and featuring gallery wrapped canvas with corner folds (no trimmed corners). Bars and braces are manufactured using sturdy, straight and clear (no knots) Popplar wood.


closed corner joint

expanded corner joint

With a Simple Turn...


The unique pulling action is simple but precise, allowing the user to expand the bars of the canvas gradually with just the turning of a single wing nut per corner. The braces offer added stability in each corner, holding the frame square throughout its lifetime.




Created and realized by artists, this product is intended to improve the quality and life of a canvas while making it easier for the painter (or for future conservation) to stretch and control the tension on a stretched canvas...

... no time consuming re-stretching is ever needed again!



How A Stretcher Works

stretched canvas frame

The simplest traditional stretcher support is made of a wooden frame onto which the “tacking” of edges of the painting, usually on cotton canvas or linen, are secured with nails, staples and in rare cases, glue.

The direct relationship between the painted layer and its stretcher exposes all elements (wooden frame, canvas fabric, tacks, staples) to the ever-changing nature of environmental conditions. On occasions, when Relative Humidity rises the wooden stretcher expands while the canvas may contract. This causes stress concentration in the corners, where the proximity of the stretcher on two sides amplifies the problem.

A tensioning system is the simplest and most straightforward solution in this case, which not only would provide the correct tension to the stretcher, thus preventing damage, but also by providing stability, adequate rigidity and strength to any artwork substrate.




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